You Bedding Fairies

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Amongst the palm trees two beautiful brown skinned fairies, Sissy and Harmony play on the beautiful sunshine island of Jamaica, in the West Indies. Often you can find the fairies at a place called Dunn’s River Falls flying over the rocks at the bottom of the waterfalls or hiding from tourists who visit to climb the sun kissed rocks, secretly spying on them hoping not to be seen. If you are very quiet you can hear them singing in unison to the hypnotic sound of the sea water washing over the rocks, especially Harmony, she loves to sing.

Waiting for the moment no one is around, just before nightfall, they fly down to the foot of Dunn’s River walk across the white-sand beach and dip their feet into the sky blue Caribbean Sea. Sissy and Harmony sleep surrounded by beautiful flowers and green leafy grass that shades the fairy village from the sun and helps keep the fairies cool from the burning heat.

Sissy and Harmony are best friends they live, laugh and play together a lot. Sissy’s favourite colour is pink whilst Harmony’s favourite colour is purple. Both girls go to fairy school and love learning new things, exploring and spending time together.

Sissy is kind-hearted, loves talking and reading and knows most of her phonics – her teacher is very pleased with her.
Harmony is very funny, also kind-hearted, loves dancing and singing.

Favourite food: Coconut and mango

Favourite word: Sparkle

Height: 1 ½ pineapples tall (30cms approximately)